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Swift Attestations

We provide Swift attestations. As part of the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP), every Swift user has to submit an annual Security Attestation, showing compliance levels with the controls.
Swift has created a Directory of cyber security service providers for your reference when looking for providers in your country. These companies can help you to implement the CSP mandatory and advisory controls that apply to your connectivity configuration with Swift.
Arcas Partners is included in the Swift Cyber Security Services Providers. Find us in the register by clicking here.


Offensive Security (Ethical hacking)

Penetration Testing Services simulate real-world attacks on different components of your IT environment to test the detection and response capabilities of your people, processes and technology and identify where vulnerabilities exist in your environment.

Identifying vulnerabilities requires more than simply running a scan of your environment if you want to stop today’s sophisticated attacks.

It is one thing to identify that a vulnerability exists, but something completely different to be able to exploit that vulnerability and see how far you can penetrate into the network and systems.

To truly protect your environment you need to know which adversaries are more likely to target your organization so you can mimic their advanced tactics to better test your defenses.

What we Deliver

Assesses your internal systems to determine if there are exploitable vulnerabilities that expose data or unauthorized access to the outside world: The test includes system identification, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation, privilege escalation and lateral movement.

Assesses your Internet-facing systems to determine if there are exploitable vulnerabilities that expose data or unauthorized access to the outside world: The test includes system identification, enumeration, vulnerability discovery and exploitation.

Evaluates your web/mobile application using a three-phase approach: 1) application reconnaissance, 2) discovery vulnerabilities and 3) exploit the vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Identifies the risks and vulnerabilities that can expose your sensitive internal resources and assets to those without authorization: The team assess areas of escalation and bypass to identify vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses in permissions, services and network configurations.

Audit and Assurance Services

Innovating Audit

Innovation is not a concept traditionally associated with audit. But it is at the heart of our strategy in responding to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities we face as auditors. Core to our mission is acknowledging the responsibility we have as auditors to society and the markets with leading edge data-analytics and robotics. Our team of Certified Accountants is ready to assist you

Outsourcing of IT, audit and accounting Professionals

Adding Value to you

We provide a complete outsourced professional services package that allows you and your staff to devote your focus to running the business rather than getting bogged down in accounting and tax paperwork.

Our outsourcing package is completely customisable. We can look after your entire accounting function, or we can work on a collaborative basis with your existing staff and provide expertise in just the areas you need us to. We have a team of Certified Accountants, IT & Internal Auditors to assist you and to add value to you!


Chances are, your business is storing loads of dark data—unused information from transactions, connected devices and other sources. And if you’re already using automation, you’re likely creating more “data exhaust” than ever. How many opportunities are hidden there.

We will tailor your solution with the right talent and technologies to suit your industry and objectives. This is data and analytics in the New—actionable insights that lift performance, resilience and competitive advantage.

Internal Audit Services

Our experience working with world-leading organisations has demonstrated that solving important problems cannot be undertaken alone. When we combine our capabilities, we multiply our value.

Modern IA needs to combine skills and capabilities across different areas to address the many risks that companies face.

We combine core IA capabilities with other expertise to cover the full risk spectrum, including working with specialists in areas such as cyber security, regulation and compliance, culture and behaviours, forensics, and tax. We also add industry experts and the latest digital tools to ensure IA is focused on the right areas and delivered efficiently. We provide IA co-source and outsource services

Information Security (Awareness) Services

We provide Information Security Awareness Services including Phishing Campaigns.

Goals of the Information Security Awareness phishing campaigns (red teaming)
Information is considered lifeblood of a successful and profitable business and employees of the organization work as veins to pass this information through. Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of information are then directly related with employee’s behavior towards information. Most companies think information security is a technical issue and do not consider involvement of employees in ensuring continuous security of the information. Organizations may have components of information security awareness program but without
proper management of the needed resources, they will not be able to complete it properly and continue to be successful. Identifying and bringing together all available components to develop an effective information security awareness program can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Information Security is the protection of information in opposition to fault, disclosure and manipulation.

Implementing a strong information security awareness program is a very effective method to protect critical business information and it will help employees to understand:

  • Why they need to take information security seriously
  • What they gain from active participation and support
  • How a secure environment safeguards the reputation and continuity of the company.

Accounting & Interim Services

We are experts at accounting and bookkeeping and we know what it takes to handle the books. You can be sure you’re getting the results you need.

Our services range from business accounting and bookkeeping to tax preparation and resolutions. We serve a wide variety from large corporations to small local businesses. No matter what kind of company you are, we are certain to address your unique needs and offer the best options to nourish your success.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you, today!

CIO as a Service

What is CIO as a Service?
At Chief Information officer as a Service, we believe that all companies, including small and medium should enjoy the benefit of a CIO without the price tag of full-time CIO. We are your CIO or we provide the qualified advice in all relevant CIO topics like Digital Transformation, IT Strategy definition, Cost Management, Vendor Management and IT Security that may be lacking in smaller environments and often is not needed on a permanent basis – as member of your team or sounding board.

CFO as a service

What is CFO as a Service?
Being a CFO isn’t just about the numbers. As one of the CEO’s most important advisors, the CFO gives a vital contribution to the business. Unfortunately, many companies cannot always afford to have a full-time CFO in-house, even though that role is absolutely necessary to ensure proper business operations. Without any fixed investment, our experts support you in defining your company’s financial plan, accompanying your organization through financial digitalization and introducing an internal control process that allows for more strategic and data-driven decision-making.

Tax Consulting

Legal advice will be of value to you if it is geared to your strategy and business operations, is implemented with knowledge of your sector and if the consequences are thought through from, among others, tax and finance perspective.

We have leading class advisors to assist your company with local and international tax matters

Governance Risk & Compliance Services (Chief Risk Officer)

Management need to rethink risk and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance.
Implementing the suitable Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework will enable organisations to identify the right approaches which contributes to process efficiency, improved risk management and internal controls.

Risk management can be a strategic asset that drives business performance. By embedding management mechanisms that proactively identify, measure, prioritise and manage risk, leaders can gain the valuable insight they need to make informed decisions.

We advise across the spectrum of risk management, offer managed services and consulting as well as risk culture and business continuity assessments.

The enormous impact of recent ethical and compliance breaches on organisations serve as a stark reminder that organisations must be better prepared to keep up with the pace and scale of change in the regulatory and ethical compliance landscape, be confident of their compliance in a cost effective way, and be ready to take action when risks or incidents arise.

We offer a full range of integrated control, compliance and certification capabilities across all sectors, as more and more organisations look to the alignment of their compliance activities, and their digital enablement.

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